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Fracktivists’ Theatrical Stunts Are All Hype, No Facts

Lately, Colorado anti-fracking activists have spent a huge chunk of their time protesting at the “wrong door” of a county commissioner’s home, staging poorly timed “die-in” protests, shutting down an energy company’s community meeting and even crashing the Colorado Governor’s book signing. Some might call these stunts acts of shameless attention seeking, as these “Keep…

DRBC: Hey, We Don’t Do No Stinkin’ Economic Development

Tom Shepstone Shepstone Management Company, Inc.   A comment by the DRBC in regard to folks concerned about the economic impact of its proposed fracking ban reveals stunning ignorance as well as arrogance. Energy In Depth has a nice summary of the hearing held in Waymart earlier this week to gather local opinion on the…

Study finds Marcellus Shale boom decreased energy costs

A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania found that natural gas prices have significantly decreased in Pennsylvania over the past 10 years. The post Study finds Marcellus Shale boom decreased energy costs appeared first on Shale Gas Reporter. Continue Reading: Shale Gas Reporter

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