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Lancashire For Shale and Cuadrilla Show Us How to Teach Shale

Connie Mellin Natural Gas NOW “PAShaleAdvocate”   Lancashire for Shale and Cuadrilla produced a great video which does a fantastic job of explaining the geology involved in fracking. Our friends at Lancashire for Shale, along with the good people of Cuadrilla, have put together a marvelous video lesson in geology. This well done video does…

Shale, Not Renewable Energy, Is Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Institute for Energy Research …. ….   The facts are the facts and it’s shale, not renewable energy, that’s allowing the U.S. to reduce carbon dioxide emissions while others merely yap about it. Carbon dioxide emissions, the largest component of greenhouse gases, have been declining in the United States, mainly due to the shale gas…

FERC Smacks Corruptocrat Again on Millennium Case

Tom Shepstone Shepstone Management Company, Inc.   FERC has smacked Governor Andrew “Corruptocrat” and his DEC hacks yet again in promptly denying a re-hearing request and calling out the state’s duplicity. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has clearly had it with New York, its politically corrupt governor and his environmental political hack, Basil Seggos….

State sues Rover Pipeline for spills

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has filed suit against Rover Pipeline LLC for polluting waterways with illegal discharges in nine Ohio counties. The post State sues Rover Pipeline for spills appeared first on Shale Gas Reporter. Continue Reading: Shale Gas Reporter

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