Andrew Cuomo: The Greatest Disaster to Ever Befall Upstate NY

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Andrew Cuomo has, in seven years, done more to harm Upstate New York than anyone. He is, in fact, the greatest disaster to ever befall Upstate New York.

It is quite sad, what’s going on here in New York. I’m talking about what our corrupt Governor Andrew Cuomo’s target of 50 percent “clean energy” by 2030. Have you ever noticed politicians always set target dates that can’t be reached until long after they will be out of office? It’s campaign talk followed by supposedly bold actions that signal good intentions. However, nothing good is coming from Cuomo’s actions.

A friend of mine I met in the New York Gas Wars saw his farm go up on the auction block, recentlym losing the family farm. His only misfortune other then living in the most unfree state in the country was his farm wasn’t located in trendy wine country (where they also have gas wells). My friend simply produced meat for the hungry, milk for the thirsty and vegetables for your health. I won’t mention his family name because losing your family’s property is very personal and devastating.

Why? We all ask ourselves this. Who is next?

Here in New York, our children and grandchildren are faced with a very serious question. Do I stay on the family farm and work a seven-day week in one of the most dangerous and demanding industries in our nation (farming) or do I do what I need to do to get out and into a more lucrative field with a 9-5 job and weekends off? For a few, the answer is easy as the love of the land is all the allure needed; their love of the farming environment is beyond all riches.

Andrew Cuomo

For others, leaving the farm is a choice between making it and having a family. They have no desire to struggle through freezing winter mornings, rain coming down sideways when you should be in the field, or getting hay in the barn on some of the hottest days of the year. They happily leave that all behind.

Those who stay love of the land and take great pride in the ownership and stewardship of it.

The plight of the New York farmer is a sad one, however. Not only are they fighting the elements of the four seasons, but also the EPA, Albany bureaucrats, and some of the most ridiculous regulations in the country. You need a special permit to compete with corporate farms and grow your own herd. Your profits and growth are both restricted. Spreading manure in the winter is now regulated; special cement structures are needed to hold manure until spring. Ever more investment is demanded.

State imposed regulations and pricing controls have put a once proud industry in New York into a downward spiral. Where once there were many farms, there are now few. What could have saved my friend’s farm and those of many others in New York?

Natural gas drilling was and remains the answer for much of Upstate New York. It is safe and, yes, profitable. Unlike those who would have you believe profit is a nasty six letter word, I know it is what keeps us a free and thriving nation. Our neighbors in Pennsylvania saved many farms with gas drilling and allowed still more farms to grow, add new equipment, expand their operations and increase their herds.

An existing gas well along Route 96-A south of Geneva, NY — that part of New York where gas drilling was once allowed and exists peacefully and without harm amidst farm fields and vineyards

Gas drilling in Pennsylvania brought home to the farm, bringing back children who had left. Gas drilling reunited generations of family to experience the blessings of working together and lifted the burden of financial hardship by paying off mortgages and providing cash for new equipment.

The New York difference is one that fills the halls of justice with the shame of politics!  Andrew Cuomo put Joe Martens, agent of the Rockefeller family’s Open Space Institute (closely affiliated with the NRDC) in charge of the fracking decision in New York. He was more worried about catering to NYC elites then taking the economic plight of the entire upstate region into consideration.

Cuomo chose to rely upon phony self-scripted compendiums from anti-drilling advocates who had no scientific standing in the scientific community as excuses for his self-serving and strictly political decision to ban fracking in New York “at this time.” I assume that means until he’s made his run for President.

Look south of the Southern tier to see what I mean. Look to the hamlet of the most famous gas drilled town in the nation Dimock.  Since December 17, 2014, when that cowardly political death sentence was handed to upstate New York by the most corrupt Governor New York has ever witnessed, Dimock has not only grown, with farms thriving, but has prospered with only a few of the residents continuing to cry foul.

One of them is famous for urging residents living on small acreages to get rich by bringing lucrative lawsuits against evil gas companies.  One cigar smoking anti is now being sued for defamation of a gas company for spreading falsehoods intended to sway public opinion. Another, who has leased his property for pipeline use and gas drilling and brags about his up-front payments, is traveling drilling states, apparently working for law firms looking to sue oil and gas producers for big money after other lawsuit opportunities dried up.

The truth is that no more than five or so anti-gas drilling activists from that area stand out in contrast to the thousands of others in Dimock, Montrose, Hallstead and other parts of the Pennsylvania Marcellus who are celebrating all kinds of success and growth.

Dimock was bad-mouthed in large part because New Yorkers needed justification for their own bad decision; scapegoats, if you will. There hasn’t been a negative headline about the devastation of gas drilling polluting a water aquifer since our cowardly corrupt governor took his action to sell out tens of thousands of Upstate New Yorkers for the sake of his future Presidential ambitions.

So, here in New York, poverty and foreclosures are at record highs, caused by the ex-HUD Secretary turned Governor who had a big role earlier in events that led to the mortgage disaster and recession that we have yet to recover from in Upstate New York.  He’s been raising taxes like a New York City freight elevator in a high rise apartment building to put unneeded lights on the Brooklyn Bridge; to rename another bridge after his father in the middle of the night without legislative approval; to give a billion dollars to a company that has lost twice that much since; and to send $7 billion to an out of state power company.

Andrew Cuomo’s tax and spend policies took my friend’s farm and the farms of many other New Yorkers. He did it by restricting opportunity based on junk science and the work of two hopelessly conflicted hacks, Martens and Zucker. He pandered to the people of New York City and destroyed the economic viability of the rest of the state. Andrew Cuomo is the greatest disaster to ever befall Upstate New York.

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