Craig Stevens Supports Pipelines? Who Knew?

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Craig Stevens has been everywhere opposing gas drilling, fracking and pipelines, including the Constitution Pipeline, but when it’s his own property…

One of Craig Stevens’ most frequent remarks during his even more frequent appearances where he performs his fractivist schtick is “you probably know my name.” His notoriety is clearly a source of some pride but, let’s face it, it’s well-earned in a sense. Most of us involved in promoting natural gas development do know his name. His routine is all too familiar.

Those not so familiar, such as my wife, upon seeing him in action, tend to figure him out quickly. She took about 30 seconds to tell him to “just go away, we’re having a good time here and no one wants to hear you” at the last Cabot Picnic (and he did, as it was clear she wasn’t kidding).

Craig Stevens, like any good hustler, wasn’t phased for long, though. He knows the first rule of selling is to simply move-on, undeterred, when a sales pitch is rejected. He has gone on to oppose gas drilling, fracking and pipelines in more fertile territories. The Constitution Pipeline was a nice gig for him for a while, for instance. But, when it came to his own property, earlier this year, he sang a different tune.

Craig Stevens, in fact, has spoken at several anti-pipeline rallies and opposed the Constitution Pipeline with vigor. Here he is at a Stop the Pipeline event looking on as a Castro brother look-a-like from the NRDC gang, Wes Gilligham, speaks up against the pipeline.

Constitution Pipeline

Craig Stevens looking on with admiration as Catskill Mountainkeeper’s Wes Gillingham speaks against pipeline.

And, here is Craig Stevens participating in a Constitution Pipeline protest event at the Holleran farm where he and others worked so hard to create some media hype about tree-cutting.

Craig Stevens

Craig Stevens (far right, back row) protesting Constitution Pipeline at Holleran farm .

Then, there’s this speech he made at an anti-pipeline forum targeting the Constitution Pipeline in Sidney, New York in 2012.

Craig Stevens

Craig Stevens speaking at anti-Constitution Pipeline forum in Sidney, New York

He spoke in Franklin, NY in early 2015 at a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) hearing on the Constitution Pipeline, ending his remarks by saying “DEC; deny the permit.”

Yet, one of our alert readers doing some research in the Susquehanna County Recorder of Deeds office happened to notice that, on January 24, 2017, Craig Stevens signed an option agreement (recorded three days later) giving Williams, the developer of the Constitution Pipeline, the ability to acquire a permanent easement over property he jointly owns in nearby Silver Lake Township, Susquehanna County. Here’s the exhibit to the option agreement:

Craig Stevens

So, Craig Stevens, who has strongly advocated against Williams on the nearby Constitution Pipeline, is willing, for some unknown monetary consideration, to give this same Williams a permanent easement to support pipeline development on his own property? It seems so. Stevens apparently supports pipelines. Who knew?

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