Did Governor Wolf’s Tax on Natural Gas Scare Away Foxconn?

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Foxconn, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, who was considering PA for a new plant, may have had a change of heart due to Governor Wolf’s tax record.

The governor of Wisconsin and industry statistics provide Pennsylvania House Republicans more reasons to resist proposals for a new tax on natural gas producers.

In a report by international consulting firm PwC, Pennsylvania is listed behind only Texas, California and Oklahoma for total employment (322,600 jobs) from the oil and natural gas industry in 2015. Income from the industry was reported as $22.9 billion, more than five percent of the state total. The value added to Pennsylvania’s economy is put at $44.5 billion, according to the report sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute.


Pennsylvania’s employment and income emanating directly from the industry were 106,200 jobs and $10.2 billion, respectively, ranking the state fifth after Louisiana and the four already mentioned.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s contribution to this conversation comes in an interview on Fox Business News about Foxconn’s plans to locate a $10 billion manufacturing plant and 13,000 jobs in the Badger State.

“Pennsylvania they (Foxconn) backed away from because the governor changed,” Governor Walker said. The new Pennsylvania governor would have been Tom Wolf, whose tax-and-spend obsession apparently was anticipated by the Taiwanese company.

Politicians sympathizing with Governor Wolf’s push for a severance tax on gas ought to consider how they will be remembered if an industry already generating billions of dollars for the Keystone State “backs away” because of a new levy.

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