How to Battle Fractivists in One Easy Lesson

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The oil and gas industry has always been focused on production and is rather poor at fighting but Texans for Natural Gas shows how to battle fractivists.

The oil and gas industry is notoriously bad (pipeline companies being the worst) and very slow, by tradition, in doing politics. Likewise, most landowners who want the industry in their backyard are just too polite to do battle. Both the industry and its natural constituencies are driven by motives of being businesslike, friendly and unfailingly positive.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough in today’s world and probably never was if we consider some the earliest political campaigns of our nation. Successful politicians know the public always says it hates negative campaigning, yet unfailingly responds to it. There are limits, of course, and one hopes we don’t get back to where one refers to the other as a “mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed,” as Adams did of Jefferson.

Notwithstanding these boundaries, it’s completely fair to illustrate your opponents’ failings. bad policies, mistakes and weaknesses. How else are decision makers and voters to know, after all. The oil and gas industry and those of us who support it very much need to better at this. An outfit called Texans for Natural Gas is showing the way.

We might call the video just put out by Texans for Natural Gas an educational video; “How to Battle Fractivists in One say Lesson.” Here it is:


Some will take offense, no doubt, especially dog lovers who notice the similarity with commercials promoting animal welfare. Offending these fractivists, though, should be viewed as a badge of honor, given their use of destruction and violence to get their way, to say nothing of their hypocrisy, self-righteousness and lack of willingness to be part of civil society.

It takes humor and sarcasm of the sort people in the industry and among farmers and landowners are too often loathe to use to battle these fractivists. This video is a great lesson in how to do it and we need to see a lot more of it. Fractivist pipeline stunts will not stop until the fractivists doing them realize they’ve become the butt of jokes about their ways.

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