Justice Delayed Leaves Only Fracking Victims Upstate

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Upstate New York and especially the Southern Tier is a wasteland of fracking victims denied the opportunity to economically survive by fractivist miscreants.

Justice delayed has no time stamp; there are only victims and, in the case of my part of Upstate New York, the Southern Tier, they’re fracking victims. It is sad when people such as Steingraber, Ingraffea, Ruffalo, Gore and lower-on-the-totem-pole provocateurs and purveyors of misinformation (e.g., Fox, Forpeace, Scoggins, Huston, Stevens) uncareingly go to war against struggling families and property owners in the name of ideology. Not one of them can live without fossil fuels, yet they happily deny landowners in New York and the Delaware Valley access to economic assets that would pay off mortgages, tuitions, medical bills and much more, as they sit upon two of the richest gas plays in the nation. We are the victims of their shallow narrow-minded selfishness; the only fracking victims who truly exist.

The people of Upstate New York and the Delaware River Basin are denied fracking because of a flood of lies and misinformation bought and paid for by elitist foundations these fractivists represent, many for a paycheck. Killing economic opportunity is the anti’s full time job. Weapons grade uranium really?  Lying and misinformation is the anti kryptonite used to sequester the truth and squelch justice.

fracking victims

The perpetrators should be held accountable. That there have been so many foreclosures of gas rich Southern Tier farms is an indictment I’d like to file on behalf my fellow fracking victims. So many lives have been ruined as farmers and landowners have succumbed to the delay caused by ignorant self-righteous fossil fuel users who don’t even have the commitment to live up to the standards they preach and ask us to adopt.

There are hundreds of real victims of all sorts; fracking victims who, because of false narratives spun by fractivists, have had their natural resources effectively seized. Economic assets were stolen on the basis of patently phony stories from a “list of the harmed” that reads and looks like a bubble gum comic from Bazooka Joe. Meanwhile, real children with great potential are washing dishes or working jobs that won’t allow them to raise families.  They couldn’t get a college education due to a lack of funding their parents property would have provided had drilling been allowed in New York and along the Delaware.

fracking victimsThe farms up for auction and the land subdivided just to pay the nation’s highest tax rates weren’t necessary. There was a solution that required no help from anyone but Governor Cuomo chose to appease the likes of the NRDC instead. He is the reason farms and homes have been lost to foreclosure. The economic destruction of an area that should be flourishing just as well as our neighbors just 20 mile south of me in Pennsylvania is on him. He sacrificed us. Our present would have been avoided and our future preserved if not for the corruption of the Cuomo administration.

Those harmed the most, the real fracking victims, are the ones like my good friend Fred Rovente who passed away from esophageal cancer knowing Cuomo and these “damned to hell antis” took away the one hope he had for providing for his family. Fred and I shared many conversations about the falsehoods and the personal level of destruction wrought by by their lies. It greatly burdened his last months.

Over the last ten years in fact there were many of just my friends who passed; Jim, Ed, Mark, Fred, Scott and so many more who suffered from cancers, heart attacks and strokes living their last few hours or days questioning who would provide for their families.

Heartless fools will respond by saying they would have the same worries anyway if the opportunity wasn’t there, but to them I say the opportunity was there, is there, and your lying selfish opinionated activism helped kill it. It denied them the rights of Nature and right to earn a living that come with the ownership of land as well as the rights to be the stewards of that land, a responsibility and obligation no serious farmer or landowner takes lightly.

So, let me say this to you antis who drive your SUVs, fly your planes, heat your homes and BBQ on your plastic maintenance free decks. Don’t text me from your cell phones or email me from your computers with your self-righteous claims that you love mother earth and want to protect her because I know better. Your cause is little more than self-justification, for which you are willing to sacrifice nothing but the livelihood of me and my neighbors. Some of you, such as Walter Hang, collect millions from the Rockefeller family to protest that which you can’t live without, living in natural gas heated homes and operating from natural gas heated offices. Sorry, but that’s the truth even if you can’t bear to hear it.

Editor’s Note: No one among our guest bloggers writes with more feeling and passion than Vic Furman, who always captures the reality of what the Southern Tier is experiencing at the hands of Governor Corruptocrat and the NRDC gang that pulls his strings. An integral member of the gang is the Open Space Institute, where Rockefeller descendant Kim Elliman runs the show and from which Joe Martens came and went back after serving as the official executioner of fracking in New York. OSI is a land grabber out to make a wilderness of all of Upstate New York for use as an elite playground and they use taxpayer money to do it. The organization, in fact, is now out with a new motto for their land grabbing, calling it “Focus on Places to Play.” Here’s what they just e-mailed, in fact:

fracking victims

The picture, of course, is intended to convey the idea OSI wants land for the ordinary family to enjoy the outdoors but, of course, New York has millions of acres of this already. What OSI really wants is a place for elites to play away from the ordinary people just trying to make a damned living without having every opportunity killed by those who want the land for themselves. That want our land for a place to play as we economically starve.

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