Lancashire For Shale and Cuadrilla Show Us How to Teach Shale

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Lancashire for Shale and Cuadrilla produced a great video which does a fantastic job of explaining the geology involved in fracking.

Our friends at Lancashire for Shale, along with the good people of Cuadrilla, have put together a marvelous video lesson in geology. This well done video does a great job of illustrating how to tell the miracle story of shale, in the hopes of launching a UK Shale Revolution of their own, much like the United States is experiencing.


Much of the video takes place on Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas exploration site. Cuadrilla is a Lancashire based company and are experts in searching for and discovering natural gas reserves in shale rocks. At the taping of this video it was for a live webcast stream. Viewers also had the opportunity to ask question and get live answers from Huw (no typo) Clark, geologist for Cuadrilla.

Huw Clarke did an excellent job explaining the different layers and age of rocks Cuadrilla will have to drill through to actually get to the Bowland Shale, which is where the natural gas is extracted. He shows samples of each of the rock layer and explains the differences. The UK Bowland Shale is similar to the Marcellus and Utica Shale gas drilled here in the United States but much thicker.

Huw even takes us inside the drilling rig and discusses the monitoring and safety equipment. They have all the equipment there to analyze gas measurements and break it down by its components, such as methane and carbon. This was the most thorough explanation of the natural gas drilling process I have ever watched!

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