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As fractivists have been fighting pipelines, Crestwood’s Finger Lakes storage facility and new power plants, great Marcellus Shale News has come in New York.

Back in February, MDN told you we had made a discovery in reading through Crestwood Equity Partners (formerly known as Crestwood Midstream) quarterly update: the company is “developing a greenfield rail-to-truck NGL terminal in Montgomery, New York that will increase propane supply reliability across the Northeast markets.” Now, it’s happened, even as ant-fossil fuel types have been fighting next door in the same county to stop a pipeline and power plant.

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The terminal will be for product coming from “multiple producers in the Marcellus and Utica regions.” When we first reported, Crestwood was in the process of building the terminal, which will handle propane, in Orange County, New York, not far from New York City. Given New York’s allergy to any project related to fossil fuels, we found the news quite incredible. Something even more incredible: the terminal is done and the grand opening will happen this Wednesday, Sept. 6th.

Here’s an announcement about the grand opening, from the company that built the facility for Crestwood, Superior Energy Systems (emphasis added):

Crestwood Services will host a grand opening event at its propane rail terminal in Montgomery, New York, on September 6. The new facility, designed and built by Superior Energy Systems, will serve millions of end users in the northeast. Superior played a key role in the project, leading all efforts in the design, engineering, permitting, construction, startup and commissioning of the terminal.

The facility, one of the largest in the country, occupies 20 acres and is equipped to store over 280,000 gallons of propane. It will serve propane marketers and their customers in New York, New England and additional parts of the northeast. The propane product is pulled from multiple shale producers in the Marcellus and Utica Shales. The Middleton and New Jersey Railroad, which can operate seven days per week, will service the terminal. Crestwood Services’ new video provides an overview of the facility.

“We are excited to see this terminal in operation,” said Derek Rimko, vice president of operations at Superior. “From the initial design and layout to the commissioning of the facility, we pride ourselves on quality and excellence at every step and that is the reason our customers, like Crestwood, keep coming back to us.”

Superior provided all equipment necessary for the build of the terminal that contains 16 rail offloading stations on a continuous platform, operating two switches per day, which will ensure a capacity of approximately 100 trucks per day or a volume of 1 million gallons. The four-spot truck rack with turbine pumps will load four trucks in 17 minutes, reducing wait times during peak winter months.

In addition to equipment, Superior provided turnkey project management and construction oversight, serving as the general contractor for the entire terminal build. “This is the fourth terminal we have constructed with Superior and we couldn’t be happier with their efforts,” said Andy Ronald, vice president of supply and logistics development at Crestwood Services. “Their hyper focus on engineering quality and design, as well as exceptional customer service, sets them apart. When it comes to terminal construction, they have the ability to do it all, seamlessly.”

Crestwood’s grand opening event at the terminal will include lunch and private tours, on Wednesday, September 6 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. For information on the event, please contact Crystelle Markley (

About Superior Energy Systems, Ltd.: For more than 40 years, Superior Energy Systems has brought together engineering, manufacturing, construction and safety expertise to focus on operational excellence. We provide the best in turnkey LPG and NGL systems and infrastructure solutions as well as safety and compliance training. We have manufactured more bulk plants and trans-shipment terminals throughout the United States than any other company and have over 950 autogas dispensers located across North America. In addition, we design, engineer, construct and service vaporizers and mixers, rail towers, metering and odorant skids and stand by fuel systems. Visit us at our Cleveland headquarters or learn more at

Here’s a cool video of the facility:

Crestwood Propane Terminal from My CloudHosts on Vimeo.

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