MSC Statement on Senator Dinniman’s Efforts to Halt Pipeline Construction

PITTSBURGH – “Senator Dinniman continues to be wildly out-of-touch with blue collar, working-class Pennsylvanians. This latest stunt aimed at making energy more expensive and good-paying local jobs tougher to come by is sadly more of the same from Senator Dinniman, who has supported a ban on safe, strongly-regulated natural gas development, which would kill 466,000 Pennsylvania jobs and increase the cost-of-living for families by $3,500 annually, according to one study.

“Investments in pipelines – the safest means to transport job-creating American natural gas – are putting tens of thousands of laborers and steamfitters across the Commonwealth to work while delivering huge savings to consumers and manufacturers alike. In fact, PECO customers in Senator Dimniman’s region have seen natural gas prices decrease by almost 70% – representing nearly $1,400 in annual household savings – due to in-state natural gas production and the pipeline infrastructure that safely delivers these abundant resources to end-users.

“To be clear, our industry absolutely supports existing state and federal pipeline safety regulations, as well as the One Call program that protects all infrastructure, and we stand with our labor and building trade partners who recognize the enormous value in modernizing our natural gas infrastructure.

“Pennsylvanians want leaders who are focused on common sense solutions, job growth, energy security and enhancing our environment – not tired fearmongering that directly threatens building trades jobs and critical energy investments across the Commonwealth. The MSC stands with our building trade unions and labor partners across the region we continue to build out our energy infrastructure together.”


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