Natural Gas Drives “Rebirth of Good-Paying, Middle Class Manufacturing Jobs”

Natural gas continues to generate benefits for Pennsylvania families, manufacturers, and our environment. According to a new University of Pennsylvania report, residential gas prices have declined 40 percent since 2007, thanks to shale. As the study’s lead researcher confirms, “shale gas has been a clear win for consumers” across the entire Commonwealth.

Here’s what else they’re saying about the generational opportunities tied to natural gas:

The Natural Gas Formula: Safe Development and Solutions to Attract Investors
“That rebirth of good-paying, middle-class manufacturing jobs starts at the wellhead. Over the past decade, Pennsylvania, with its abundant shale resources, has emerged as the nation’s second largest natural gas producing state. … We are nearly a decade into America’s shale energy revolution, however, we’re just in the early stages of realizing the downstream manufacturing opportunities tied to natural gas.” (Column, 10/7/17)

Shale Key Part of The State’s Future
“Earlier this month Chevron and Peoples Natural Gas launched the ‘Forge the Future’ initiative with an economic analysis from McKinsey & Company that examines these downstream opportunities. The report projects Pennsylvania could see a $60 billion increase in gross domestic product over the next decade and more than 100,000 additional jobs.” (Column, 10/23/17)

Gas Drilling is Good for State Economy
“According to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers study, natural gas development supports more than 320,000 jobs and contributes $45 billion to the Commonwealth’s economy. The study found that for every job generated in the oil and gas industry an additional 2.7 jobs were produced throughout the U.S. economy.” (Column, 10/23/17)

Make Most of Marcellus Resources
An IHS Markit report, commissioned by the Wolf administration, released earlier this year concluded that Pennsylvania’s strong natural gas liquids production could attract four more ethane crackers to the region, totaling up to $3.7 billion in added investment.” (Column, 10/28/17)

Pro-Growth Opportunities in Natural Gas
“The ethane cracker plant in Beaver County is a perfect example of Pennsylvania’s manufacturing future. … With 6,000 jobs supported during construction and another 600 when the plant is operational, this facility is just the first of what could be many more new plastics and petrochemical manufacturing facilities throughout the commonwealth.” (Column, 11/1/17)

Gas Drilling Is Good for Pa. Economy
“We are excited that Pennsylvania’s natural resources are once again presenting an opportunity for long-term sustained economic growth. With our operators committed to safely developing and moving our natural gas resources to market, policymakers, too, need to recognize this opportunity and look toward pro-growth solutions to attract investment, not drive it away.” (Column, 10/27/17)

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