Pigs to Rigs Lawyers and Dimock Junkyard Plaintiff Sued by Cabot

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An overdue lawsuit has filed by Cabot Oil & Gas has been filed against a gang of “pigs to rigs” trial lawyers and their Dimock junkyard plaintiff Ray Kemble.

I have joyous news for all our readers. Cabot Oil & Gas has fired a shot against the seedy trial lawyers and even seedier hustlers trying to earn fame and money with jugs of brown water and filthy accusations surrounding Dimock. Cabot has filed a lawsuit against pig farm suer Charlie Speer, his Luzerne County trial lawyer associates and Ray Kemble, the Dimock junkyard plaintiff fractivists have descended to using as an example despite his complete lack of credibility on virtually anything. It’s a $5 million lawsuit enjoyable to read for entertainment but, more than that and the obvious quest for justice, this is a glorious opportunity to expose some of the special interests behind fractivism. Discovery is going to be a nightmare for Speer, Kemble and allies.


Defendant Ray Kemble

The lawsuit may be found here and I’ve highlighted the important parts. Here are some of the basics (emphasis added):

  1. Prior to 2012, Defendant Speer, a pig farm nuisance lawyer from Missouri, routinely filed suits against those in the agricultural industry based on alleged damages from odors and other purported nuisances.
  2. After Missouri enacted legislation at the end of 2011 that put an end to Speer’s pig farm lawsuits, Speer set his sights on Pennsylvania and switched his focus from pigs to rigs.
  3. In the process, Speer and Speer Law teamed up Ciarimboli, Boylan, and F & C to commence nuisance claim lawsuits against natural gas operators in Pennsylvania.
  4. One of their new Pennsylvania clients, Kemble, had sued Cabot and GDS in 2009 and settled his claims in 2012.
  5. Following the 2012 settlement agreement, Kemble spent the next five years breaching its terms.
  6. Despite knowing that Kemble had settled his claims against Cabot and GDS in 2012, Speer, Speer Law, Ciarimboli, Boylan, and F & C drafted and filed a 24-page complaint against Cabot and GDS in April of 2017, in the Middle District of Pennsylvania (“2017 Complaint”), for which they had no probable cause…
  7. The 2017 Complaint included irrelevant and inflammatory allegations designed to harass Cabot and GDS, attract media attention, poison the community and jury pool against Cabot and GDS, and extort payment from Cabot and GDS when no legitimate claims existed.
  8. As a result of all Defendants’ tortious, intentional, malicious, and wrongful use of process, and Kemble’s multiple breaches of the 2012 settlement agreement, Cabot and GDS are seeking compensatory damages and punitive damages in the amount of $5,000,000.00.

That’s the essence of the case, but read the details I’ve highlighted, especially the background starting on page 16 and continuing through page 22. You’ll notice Speer, Kemble and company moved to dismiss their own case when it became apparent what a dog’s breakfast it was and hoped to get away with it without incurring any penalty for their bad behavior. They wanted to milk the bad publicity generated against Cabot and then withdraw before things got serious. Cabot is calling them out and demanding they be held accountable. Bravo!

Also, read the five pages of examples of Ray Kemble, the Dimock junkyard plaintiff, making outrageous claims against Cabot and the natural gas industry. It is just fascinating to see so many of them assembled one after the other. Our personal favorite may be this one:

There are so many to pick from, of course, (here’s another great one) but a quick perusal of the list will keep you laughing all night.

But, this is no laughing matter. It’s about getting justice for a company and an industry horribly maligned by very special interests with a desire to make a killing substituting rigs for pigs, generate donations and publicity for fractivist outfits and pursue the ideological fantasies of others. It’s also a great opportunity to expose the whole scam and with legal discovery that’s going to happen.

Craig Stevens’ named is mentioned more than once in the lawsuit, for example, not as defendant, but as someone curiously involved. Perhaps the attorneys will get asked about the Energy In Denial group they help Stevens create or the ad that group supposedly sponsored in the Des Moines Register that he knew nothing about.

Or, maybe they’ll get asked about their representation of Stevens in a lawsuit against the Borough of Montrose. And, possibly they’ll get asked whether they’re financing those numerous Stevens and Kemble trips to all parts of the country with their brown water jugs and flamboyant remarks. Or, how Food & Water Watch always seems to be on the fringes (or in the middle) of these activities. Exactly what is the relationships between the Park Foundation, Food & Water Watch, Kemble, Stevens and all those trial lawyers hoping to trade pigs for rigs? We all yearn to know.

This is the beauty of this lawsuit. We may finally get the concrete evidence how trial lawyers (Charlie Speer, Jay Halfon, et al) have been plotting to replace pigs with rigs and docs with rocks for a very long time, exploiting naive wealthy trust funders and the ideologues they fund for cover.


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