Setting the Record Straight on Activist Efforts to Scare Public ‘Aquifer Exemptions’

Clean Water Action (CWA) recently came out with a “report” that claims Oklahoma regulators are allowing oil and gas companies to inject wastewater directly into drinking water aquifers.

This is just the latest examples of anti-fracking activists’ efforts to mislead the public regarding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Underground Injection Control (UIC) program’s “aquifer exemptions” (read about two other CWA efforts here and here).

As the following EID fact sheet explains, activists are taking advantage of EPA’s very broad definition of an “underground source of drinking water” to deliberately mislead the public. These exemptions allow injection to “aquifers” that are located in oil and gas producing formations — meaning they are not drinking water aquifers at all. Check out EID’s “aquifer exemption” fact sheet here.

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