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Some nuns from Lancaster County are engaging in a pipeline stunt to register opposition to the Atlantic Sunrise. This sister act is anything but funny.

A group of nuns who own and run a continuing care community in Lancaster County are engaged in a bit of a sister act but it’s anything but funny. Known as the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, the nuns are engaged in a number of good works, including the operation of St. Anne’s Retirement Community near Columbia, Pennsylvania, along the route of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline. Like several other religious orders connected with my Catholic faith, though, this one has also signed onto every politically trendy cause imaginable. It has also, sadly, allowed itself to be used as a fractivist tool by the radical Lancaster Against Pipelines group for purposes of a pipeline stunt.

pipeline stunt

The “chapel” – an arbor, a table and some picnic table benches. Photo from empathetic Lancaster Online article.

Pennsylvania Real-Rime News reports the following:

A dedication for a new outdoor prayer chapel on the land belonging to a group of Lancaster County nuns is set for Sunday…

Lancaster Against Pipelines built the outdoor chapel right in the middle of the path of a proposed pipeline – and at the center of a court battle, too.

Part of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline is planned to go through the property of The Adorers of the Blood of Christ, an international order of Catholic women.

In a press release issued today, the sisters and Lancaster Against Pipelines indicated they will hold a dedication ceremony for the prayer chapel at 2 p.m. Sunday at 3939 Laurel Run, Columbia…

The sisters say the pipeline is a violation of their commitment to the environment, in which they are called to “respect our interconnectedness and oneness with creation” and to “revere Earth as a sanctuary where all life is protected,” according to the press release.

Lancaster Against Pipelines plans to hold a prayer vigil there when construction begins.

Did Mark Clatterbuck, the New Jersey religion professor who is the spark plug of Lancaster Against Pipelines, have a role in this? Whether he did or didn’t doesn’t matter all that much, the sisters having given every indication they’re only too happy to be used as to pull off a pipeline stunt. Indeed, tax records show they have nearly 80 acres of land, Choosing to locate their “chapel” on the pipeline route is obviously intended to create a scene and get empathetic reporters to write up one story after another about the cruelty of disturbing a prayer site that could have gone in any number of other places on the sisters’ property. It suggest politics, not prayer, is the purpose of this pipeline stunt.

Unfortunately for them, the good sisters didn’t really think this one through that carefully. If they had, someone among the group of nuns might have turned their mind to a very simple fact that makes a mockery of this pipeline stunt; St. Anne’s Retirement Community is a natural gas user and promoter. A visit to their Cottage Homes page reveals this (arrow added):

pipeline stunt

Yes, the nuns protesting the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline that will bring natural gas to hat others’ homes brag about the natural gas that heats their own. Perhaps, as they consider “our interconnectedness” they ought to start with that fact and stick to what they apparently do well in providing compassionate life care for human beings. Our lives matter, too, after all. A real sister act would reflect that.

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