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The Folly of Betting the Company on Fugitive Methane Regulations

Excuse us if we don’t shed any tears for companies dumb enough to found, base or refocus their entire strategy on the shifting sands foundation of ever-changing federal regulations–like the idiotic, hyper-restrictive regulations that every last molecule of methane must be sniffed out and stopped before it “escapes” (like a fugitive) into the atmosphere. Basing…

Fractivist Journalism and Its Proficiency with Fake News

Tom Shepstone Shepstone Management Company, Inc. … …   Fractivist journalism is one gigantic exercise in fake news – fake fracking news that is – as a story on a University of Guelph methane study illustrates. Fake news seems to be enjoying quite a run these days, but there are no better examples than those…

Fed Court Overturns $4.2M Dimock Judgement Against Cabot O&G

Big news broke Friday afternoon. Short history lesson for those who are new to MDN: There were 14 families along the Carter Road area of Dimock Township, PA (Susquehanna County) that reportedly experienced turbidity in their water from methane migrating, supposedly from Cabot’s drilling operations nearby. The state Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) investigated in…

Google’s Methane Sniffing Cars Featured in New “Study”

For years anti-fossil fuel agitators have been making noise about so-called fugitive methane. According to antis, methane (CH4) is a zillion times more “potent” than carbon dioxide (CO2) in making Mom Earth toast (i.e. global warming, which isn’t happening). If only we could capture every last molecule of methane so it couldn’t escape, life would…

Energy Sanity Day: Trump Exec Order Axes CPP, Methane Rule

Yesterday President Trump made a trip to the Environmental Protection Agency to sign an executive order titled the “Energy Independence Executive Order” which takes aim at rolling back Obama’s disastrous Clean Power Plan. The new executive order also lifts a ban on leasing federal lands for coal mining, nixes new regulations aimed at trapping every…

Did Pruitt Hold Trump Back from Going Further re Climate Order?

Yesterday President Trump signed an executive order titled the “Energy Independence Executive Order” which takes aim at, among a number of things, rolling back Obama’s disastrous Clean Power Plan (see Energy Sanity Day: Trump Exec Order Axes CPP, Methane Rule). However, did Trump’s executive order yesterday go far enough? Some conservatives say, “NO!” And some…

EQT Raises Estimates of Methane, NGL Production for 2017

In December 2016 EQT, one of the largest Marcellus/Utica drillers with its headquarters in the Pittsburgh area, released a forecast for 2017 (see EQT 2017 Forecast: Drilling 119 Marcellus, 81 UD, 7 Utica Wells). At that time, EQT said they would spend $1.5 billion to drill a total of 200 Marcellus and Upper Devonian wells,…

Microbes could prolong Marcellus shale production

Scientists believe a species of the microbial life in the Marcellus shale has the potential to replenish natural gas reservoirs by producing methane.The post Microbes could prolong Marcellus shale production appeared first on Shale Gas Reporter. Link to full article: Microbes could prolong Marcellus shale production Source: Shale Gas Reporter

House Dems’ Letter Asking Pruitt to Reconsider Axing Methane ICR is Short on Facts

One of new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt’s first order of business in his new position last week was doing away with the Obama administration-era information collection request (ICR) for greenhouse gas emissions from oil and natural gas facilities.
The ICR has been widely viewed as the first step toward implementing unnecessary and burdensome methane regulations on existing U.S. oil and gas facilities — rules that are, thankfully, now very much in doubt. Predictably, U.S. House Democrats have responded to Pruitt’s decision with a letter requesting EPA resume collecting methane emissions data. And not surprisingly, each paragraph of

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UT Study Debunks another Flaming Water Scene from Gasland

Methane found in North Texas water wells is from natural sources and not from hydraulic fracturing, according to a recent peer reviewed study from researchers at the University of Texas at Austin. The study contradicts an infamous scene in Gasland Part II, when a local landowner presented a “flaming hose,” which the audience was led to believe was a result of fracking.
Researchers analyzed water well samples in 12 counties across Texas’ Barnett Shale, but notably focused on Parker County and Hood County, an area that has been at the center of controversy regarding fracking for several years. Environmental activists have

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Peru ships first March LNG cargo to Japan

Image courtesy of KnutsenPeru’s only liquefaction facility at Pampa Melchorita dispatched another cargo of liquefied natural gas to Japan.
The cargo was loaded on March 8 on board the 138 000-cbm LNG carrier Bilbao Knutsen and sent on its way to Spain, data from the state-owned Perupetro reveals. However, the exact destination of the carrier has not been revealed by Perupetro.
This was the first cargo loaded in March at the Pampa Melchorita plant and the first cargo to head from Peru to Japan since Methane Rita Andrea departed the facility on December 30 to later deliver the cargo to Osaka

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