Young Professionals Invited to EIConnect

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Charles A. Schliebs
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The Pittsburgh Energy Innovation Center invites young professionals to the first meeting of EIConnect and learn from the experts in the energy industry.

The Pittsburgh Energy Innovation Center (EIC) has established EIConnect, an educational and networking organization for young professionals, mostly in but also outside the energy industry, who believe that the energy industry is critical to our region and who also may be interested in the various missions of the EIC.


The Energy Innovation Center

EIConnect members will:

  • learn from experts about all the latest energy industry developments in the PA/OH/WV region
  • have an opportunity to network and engage with age peers (20s and 30s) across all segments of energy and energy-related industries, as well as meet senior leaders of the region’s energy industries
  • become familiar with the mission and programs of the EIC, ranging from cutting edge energy R&D to workforce development for both future and incumbent workers in energy to energy technology incubation and commercialization.  Workforce has a special but non-exclusive focus on advancing opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, women, veterans and other groups that may not be fully participating in the region’s economic resurgence.
  • have an opportunity to participate in one of the area’s newest but most significant nonprofit institutions that is the EIC

Most meetings will take place in the beautiful, brand new Covestro Brightspace and Solutions Center of the EIC, as well as occasional group visits to key energy-related facilities in the region.  The first meeting speaker is scheduled to be Joe Minnitte, spokesperson for the Shell Petrochemical Complex in Potter Township, Beaver County, PA.

The exact date in late June for the first meeting will be set within the next two weeks, and invitations will go out immediately thereafter.

The initial invitees thus far include young professionals from:

  • energy producers (oil & gas, nuclear, coal, solar, wind, geothermal)
  • energy distributors (midstream oil & gas, utilities in gas, electric and water)
  • energy research & development, including incubating energy-related firms
  • manufacturers using significant amounts of energy to power their production process, or energy byproducts (e.g., wet gas components) as feedstock
  • energy industry vendors, suppliers and customers, including:
    • product supply firms (parts and equipment for all energy industries),
    • service firms ranging from
      • oilfield services firms,
      • nuclear consultants,
      • energy departments from law, accounting, insurance, employee benefits, etc. firms,
      • energy-related engineering and construction firms,
      • energy-related academia and nonprofits,
      • environmental-related companies of all kinds,
      • energy management, conservation and sustainability companies and organizations,  and
      • others from non-energy industries who want to know more about and connect into the energy space.

If you qualify, or you have young colleagues or friends who qualify and would be interested, this is the final call for indicating interest in the first meeting of EIConnect.  Please either let me know ( , or Dan Robb at EQT ( by May 31, and do not hesitate to call or otherwise reach out if you have any questions.

Thanks to all.  You will be doing any referenced person a favor, and a favor to their organization.

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