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Western Maryland Landowners: We Oppose A Fracking Ban

Shane Grady is a member of the Energy and Property Rights Coalition that represents nearly 100 farmers and landowners in Western Maryland.
Landowners from Western Maryland turned out today to oppose Senate Bill 0740 at a hearing on the proposed legislation held in Annapolis. This bill, and a similar bill in the House (HB 1325), would place a statewide ban on the process of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, based on misinformation that has been circulated on the process from activists in other parts of the state and elsewhere. A ban of this nature would stifle economic development in Western Maryland, and

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Once Again, Outside “Ban Fracking” Groups Meddle in Local Colorado Communities

After a string of failures in recent years, outside “ban fracking” activists are once again descending on Colorado’s communities, attempting to derail the local debate over energy production as part of their campaign to ban oil and natural gas development at the state level and nationwide.
This evening, the city and county of Broomfield, Colorado, will convene to discuss a proposed moratorium on oil and natural gas development in the area. Energy In Depth had hoped that tonight’s meeting would be a continuation of the fact-based discussion we saw during last week’s oil and gas forum, but the new flurry of

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