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Caught on Tape: D.C. Anti-Fracking Group ‘Working at the Local Level’ in Colo. To ‘Ban Fracking Everywhere’

If there was ever any question about the involvement of national “ban fracking” groups in Colo. as part of their quest to stop oil and natural gas development nationwide, that matter is now firmly settled.
National “ban fracking” groups have historically attempted to create localized chapters, like “Coloradans Against Fracking,” “Frack Free Colorado,” or “Don’t Frack Denver,” to masquerade their efforts as grassroots campaigns and to cloak their agenda in the rhetoric of local control.
But at a rally today on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colo., a representative of a national “ban fracking” group was caught on tape openly admitting

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After Even Deeper Collusion with Schneiderman Revealed, #ExxonKnew Campaign Tries to Change the Subject

Yesterday, Bloomberg broke a story that New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is asking for more information about a second email address previously used by former ExxonMobil president and CEO Rex Tillerson, as part of his investigation of the company. The email address – which is in the company’s email system – had been issued for expedited communications with leadership in the company on a broad range of topics.
That’s news? The leak looks more like a desperate move by an AG with little to show after his nearly two year investigation. Recall that Schneiderman has been given millions of pages

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Natural Gas Prices Could Plunge Below $2

So far this year, natural gas has performed the worst among major commodities, posting painful losses in January and February. It has rebounded somewhat in the last few weeks, but hovering around $3 per MMBtu, gas prices are still sharply lower compared to the fourth quarter. Changes in seasonal temperatures are a pivotal factor for natural gas markets, and warmer winters mean weaker demand. Natural gas consumption spikes during winter months as millions of people crank up the heat, while consumption patterns descend into valleys in the spring…

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