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What You Need to Know About the New Raton Basin Earthquake Study

Researchers at the University of Colorado-Boulder released a study this week that claims to “for the first time” definitively link several earthquakes that occurred between 2008 and 2010 in the Raton Basin, which spans central Colorado to northern New Mexico, to wastewater disposal from oil and gas activity. From the study’s abstract: “We find that…

#ExxonKnew Attempts to Reset Flailing Campaign With…a Billboard?

Public Citizen and a new project called the Center for Climate Integrity (CCI) have launched a new campaign targeting oil and gas companies in the wake of recent hurricanes. The groups have put up two billboards in Houston asking when “climate polluters” will “pay their fair share” and directing people to visit WhoPaysForHarvey.com. But a…

Sounds of Silence: Fmr. Vermont AG Refuses to Answer Questions at #ExxonKnew Deposition

Former Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell was formally deposed on Monday at the request of the Energy and Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal). The deposition was conducted to help determine whether Sorrell’s office conspired with other attorneys general before deciding to launch a political investigation into ExxonMobil’s climate research. Vermont judge Mary Miles Teachout had…

The Pompous Patrician Faces of Fractivism Who Make It Happen

Tom Shepstone Shepstone Management Company, Inc.   It’s amazing how few few people are behind fractivism, funding it and pulling the strings. They’re trust-funders and patricians of the aristocratic class. There are no special interests like those of patricians — the gentry ruling class. They fund virtually all of fractivism, not to mention other radical chic causes….

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