Daily Archives: November 15, 2017

Here’s What Marketplace Missed on Natural Gas Development

Taking a hard turn away from business and economics, NPR’s Marketplace – which claims to focus on “raising the economic intelligence of the country” – ran a one-sided attack on natural gas development last night that does more to scare listeners than inform them of science and facts. The story relies on information from environmental…

Is Tom Wolf Just Billionaire Tom Steyer’s Bobblehead?

Tom Shepstone Shepstone Management Company, Inc.   Radical billionaire Tom Steyer threw money at Tom Wolf’s campaign for Pennsylvania Governor. Is he now treating the governor as his personal bobblehead? Ever since Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania’s trust-funder governor, suddenly decided to pursue a fracking ban within the jurisdiction of the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) I’ve…

Senate approves FERC nominees

The United States Senate recently approved two more members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The post Senate approves FERC nominees appeared first on Shale Gas Reporter. Continue Reading: Shale Gas Reporter

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