Clean, Abundant, American Natural Gas ‘a True Win-Win for Everyone’

State and national leaders continue to recognize the opportunities that our abundant supply of domestic natural gas can provide as more critical infrastructure is built to deliver those benefits to communities here in Pennsylvania and around the world.

Investing in American natural gas not only helps our economy and our jobs, but also helps our allies maintain their energy security. This represents a true win-win for everyone involved,” U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry said last week.

Increased production of affordable natural gas has “generated economic growth and jobs across the United States. Utilizing this clean energy source has also enabled the United States to achieve the largest drop in carbon emissions of all countries in 2016,” the Department of Energy said.

It’s a message Secretary Perry planned to deliver in visits to Asia, and one international markets already are hearing.

As Bloomberg News reported last week, “America’s shale gas bounty is heading overseas at a record clip,” bringing more clean-burning and affordable energy to consumers globally.

New LNG facilities – including Dominion’s soon-to-open Cove Point terminal in Maryland that will handle Marcellus Shale gas – and expanded customers abroad “are putting the U.S. on the path to becoming a net gas exporter by next year,” Bloomberg notes.

Pennsylvanians stand to benefit from this critical infrastructure development in the form of more affordable energy, tens of thousands of jobs, increased manufacturing investments and cleaner air. But as Pa. House Speaker Mike Turzai recently wrote in a PennLive column, “state government needs to shed its reputation for standing in the way of energy independence and economic prosperity.”

In calling for Gov. Wolf and others to avoid burdensome regulations that hinder local job creation, Rep. Turzai described our natural gas reserves as an “opportunity to spur economic growth and prosperity for generations to come.”

Energy development and pipeline infrastructure can empower us to compete and win in the 21st century,” he wrote, noting ongoing work between the industry and local leaders “to build the infrastructure we need to get the product to market.”

Such projects are bringing the benefits of natural gas to more communities across the Commonwealth every day.

Just last week, leaders celebrated a new natural gas project that will expand service to nearly 200 homes in Cumberland County.

People asked for gas. People want to have that in their home,” Rep. Sheryl Delozier told CBS-21 at a groundbreaking ceremony for the project.

And in Meadville, officials recently heard that construction is ahead of schedule on a new Crawford Area Transportation Authority facility that will include a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station for buses.

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