Earth Day is a Ridiculous Celebration of Ideologies – Not Science

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K.J. Rodgers
Crownsville, Maryland  


Under the guise of protecting the earth and ensuring science is being promoted, Earth Day is nothing more than a front for putting ideologies first, science second. 

Earth Day is ridiculous. I am said to say that, but it is true. Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated as a hippie-like holiday that calls us to do more to protect our environment and our planet. It has become so popular, that even thinking of it as being ridiculous is enough to get you shunned.

Earth DayMany people like me, who were born and raised in the 80’s and 90’s, have been brainwashed with this Earth Day rhetoric. We had Captain Planet that showed the importance of being a hip kid with a magical ring who could call on a super hero who would stop the corporate greed of destroying the environment.

There were cartoons like the Toxic Avenger and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that taught us about industrial toxic waste. We also had Saved by the Bell, which many times mocked Jessie, the “save the whales” mascot of the group, but got serious when the gang discovered oil reserves under their California high school and drilling it caused a spill that killed Zack’s beloved duck. Then, of course, there was Bill Nye the Science Guy. I personally loved his show, but it seemed like he disappeared with the 90’s. But, suddenly, out of nowhere, he popped up again acting as an expert covering the Deep Water Horizon disaster. From the ashes he was rediscovered by my generation as a cult leader through the power or nostalgia.

We were taught about acid rain, CFLs, ozone holes, and the introduction to solar in our science classes. This was my experience in West Tennessee; I couldn’t image the propaganda from other areas. That probably explains 1990’s Pauly Shore and his Bio-Dome

When you combine this type of childhood exposure with the general attitude of this decade, you have a cocktail of overblown sensitivity and misguided ideologies. Earth Day is not about protecting the earth or reversing climate change. It is an assault on anything they don’t understand.

Earth Day Ideologies

Source: Food & Water Watch – Colorado

Earth Day 2017 wasn’t different. Groups like the Food and Water Watch, Sierra Club, Earth Justice, etc… marched under the flag of science, this year’s theme. These groups marched along waving signs on how fracking pollutes water, destroys the climate, and causes disease, pushing bumper-sticker slogans without researching the facts. My favorite was from the Food and Water Watch Colorado that I saw on Energy In Depth. One lady is holding two signs in their craft room, one of which states”

“What do we want? Evidence Based Science. When do we want it? After Peer Review”

While the other is a Neil deGrasse Tyson quote:

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”

Such is the blather to come forth from those unable to think for themselves; today’s conformists. They touting junk science reports and studies on asthma, birth defects, and water contamination, latching onto whatever they can find, using peer-review as they’re greenwash, as happened when New York State’s fracking ban was based on research both written and peer-reviewed by fractivist junk scientists.

However, Energy In Depth decided to take Earth Day back this year. They launched a brilliant website, The site is a single resource for fracking and health concerns; complete with studies and reports that support fracking: through properly peer reviewed, evidence-based science.

Earth Day could be so much more and mean more if it weren’t so hopelessly politicized. No one wants to help ruin the planet. As a climate change believer, I support natural gas because it can change the course right now. It has already done far more for than climate than renewables and it’s still in its infancy. I have said it over and over already, but it is worth repeating; if fractivists truly cared about climate change as much as they scream, then they would embrace gas, at least for the short term. Unfortunately, though, they have no capacity to admit gas is a solution because, for these groups, it is ideology first and science second: that is why Earth Day is ridiculous.

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