Final Justice: Junkyard Plaintiff Loren Kiskadden Case Is Over

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Finally, at long last, the Loren Kiskadden case is over. The junkyard plaintiff used by fractivist special interests to make headlines for years lost bigly.

Loren Kiskadden, the junkyard plaintiff from Southwestern Pennsylvania, the serial litigator used by some trial lawyers and the fractivist special interests as a poster child for their cause has finally lost for good. The tortured history of the case can be found here and here. There is seems to be little doubt the case was encouraged by the Heinz Endowments, as a fractivist initiative. The Environmental Hearing Board, the Commonwealth Court, and now the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, all looked at the evidence and concluded Loren Kiskadden had no case. It’s over. Range Resources won and fractivism lost “bigly” as some New Yorkers say.


When the Commonwealth Court decision came down in October, I asked this question:

Will this finally be the end of this ridiculous case? Will whoever has been paying for this litigation finally acknowledge the facts?

It wasn’t quite the end because Attorney John Smith and gang (Jesse White’s best bud) appealed the case to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. That court has now decided and the junkyard plaintiff lost.

Loren Kiskadden

Yes, after all the shouting, the final verdict is here and Loren Kiskadden had nothing. Paul Rubin, his “expert” was viewed with even less credibility in this case than he was in the Dimock case, believe it or not. So ends the hysteria; with a victory for the facts.

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