Indoctrinated Children Say the Darndest Things

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Indoctrinated children are being taught at an early age to believe fracking is polluting the water and air, overlooking the actual facts of the matter. 

Children can say the darndest things. We all have had the pleasure of hearing a child say or explain something that was funny, unbeknownst to them. For a while, there were even a few television shows that highlighted the cuteness of what they may say about a variety of topics.

Kids say the Darndest ThingsDrunks, children, and leggings always tell the truth according to a millennial proverb and the honesty of those children often seems so sincere it kept multiple generations entertained from, Art Linkletter’s House Party in the 50’s and 60’s to Bill Cosby’s Kids Say the Darndest Things. We have been indoctrinated in this belief that kids will speak the truth, but, in reality, of course, they are speaking to what they believe to be true.

Junior ScholasticI am sure it started before my generation, but I remember being taught about acid rain, deforestation, and other issues in my Social Science class in grade school. This is why so many in my Oregon Trail Generation (I refuse the millennial label) hopped on the Bill Nye calamity train. The same organization that sent my class pictures of world issues and altered the ideologies of many is doing it again. Junior Scholastic, a nationally-distributed magazine for middle school classrooms, recently carried this trend to today’s youth by running “The Fight Over Fracking” article.

The article only shows a preview for non-subscribers, but I was able to read the entire piece with a little Google Chrome wizardry. I would explain how this is done, but it really isn’t worth your time as the story might as well have been written by Craig Stevens.

This tale features the plight of the Headley’s and how they woke up one day to a fracking operation on their property. Conveniently left out is what Paul Harvey would have called the “Rest of the Story.” The Headley’s are apparently unhappy at the money they received for a pipeline and the mineral rights, so they began to claim health concerns. Junior Scholastic describes how they can set fire to their water now and how polluted it is because of fracking. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection says otherwise but that didn’t fit the narrative, I guess.

They only aspect of fracking shown in a semi-positive light is touching on the less CO2 emissions than coal and the job opportunities. The rest consists of quotes from the fractivist Union of Concerned Scientists, the Headley’s and references to the number of places that are banning fracking; one even mentioning that California Bureau of Land Management deal we covered here. Even the infographic they are using is misleading. The graphic is showing the horizontal fracturing taking place right by the water table. If it were accurate, the image would have to be at least many times lengthier to account for more than a mile of separation that is typical. This well beyond indoctrination; into the realm of straight-out lying by picture.

Scholastic's subtle messaging

Junior Scholastic would have been better suited to discuss the topic from a non-biased approach. An objective discussion of fracking would have highlighted that the process, like many other industrial operations, contains some risk that is easily overcome and has proven to achieve many benefits. Instead, Junior Scholastic is attempting to brainwash children with ideology and the false and naive idea renewable energy alone can power the world they enjoy. Just look at the darndest things they are actually saying:

I look forward to seeing their article on electric cars. Will they discuss why solar powered cars would violate the first and second law of thermodynamics or how electric car battery manufacturing releases as much CO2 as 8 years of gasoline driving? Somehow, I doubt it. Indoctrinated children are what happens when adults aren’t paying attention to what’s being taught and distributed in school. Yet, something tells me youth is still inclined to rebel upon reaching a certain age and when these kids get there and realize they been told a pack of lies, I have to wonder if that won’t be the end of such fractivism.

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