Land Grabbers Threaten Our Most Precious Rights

landowners and laborers - Vic FurmanVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist


Vic Furman talks about the land grabbers behind the recent DRBC resolution to consider a fracking ban, their motives and his own plans to resist it all.

What’s on my mind today? Facebook asks this of me every day. Let me answer—as bluntly as I possibly can. The recent DRBC vote was disgusting culmination of a disgusting process underway in this country as land grabbers threaten not only to take our land but also our every right.

Land Grabbers

Typical Wayne County farm – will the owners be able to hold onto it with drilling?

We have three state governors who actually support the DRBC future plan to abscond with the property rights of landowners to use their land for logging, farming and gas drilling. Three Democrat Governors from the States of Delaware, New York and Pennsylvania propose to steal what I have. These deceitful “leaders” are acting more like dictators than governors and what they are dictating are the policies of city voters completely out of touch with reality.

These are the same “leaders” who favor sanctuary city violations of Federal law, pass gun control legislation, in the middle of the night and have taxed and spent New York into becoming the highest taxed state in the nation.

The cost to society of these land grabbers’ collective policies is enormous. Sanctuary cities are using hundreds of millions of your tax dollars, if not billions, to protect illegal aliens from deportation. They give them welfare, food-stamps, housing and medical care, all while breaking federal law and we are paying for it. Meanwhile, some of our veterans who are forced to sleep on subways and in shelters are turned away from the same benifits.

People living in or near the Delaware River are under attack by the most dysfunctional  body of government ever in the history of America. Our nation is asleep as the theft of property rights by such organizations takes place daily under our noses. Statist politicians are being funded by these freedom haters and land grabbers. Schools are preparing  children to accept this as their future through conditioning and indoctrination. Yet, the very thing we advocate—natural gas development—has done more than any other single thing to achieve what these same people is such an enormous threat by creating the opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions enormously. They’re land grabbers first and environmentalists second, it seems.

These are the observations of a freedom loving American who has been in countries  where freedom is only a dream. We cannot, we should not and I will not leave America’s future in the  hands of such destructfull, hateful politicians and hacks. I pledge to be a freedom fighter for our republic through the power of the vote. If you see what is happening to our rights and freedoms, join me in defending not the Delaware but the people of the Delaware and Upstate New York before there’s none of us left.

Land Grabbers


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