Northern Access Permit Denied by Prince Corruptocrat?

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NaturalGasNOW is hearing Governor Andrew Cuomo, Prince Corruptocrat, the bully, has denied yet another pipeline permit – for the Northern Access Pipeline.

There’s no confirmation as yet, but NaturalGasNOW is being told Prince Corruptocrat —Andrew Cuomo, Governor of the Emporer State — has, yet again, injected himself into a what should be a routine permitting process and denied a 401 water quality certification for the Northern Access Pipeline. If this turns out to be true, it will confirm precisely what Rep. Chris Collins, Congressman from Western New York, just said about the man-child known here as Corruptocrat:

“Let’s call it out for what he is. He’s a thug. He’s a bully. He’s an extortionist. He’s a blackmailer. He wants all the authority,”

Well, yes, it seems so.

Jim Willis, Marcellus Drilling News, wrote about this issue less than a month ago here and I added an editor’s note providing the background on how it plays into what is clearly a pattern of “New York DEC blithely ignoring FERC regulations by pretending it still has authority to require all sorts of state permits for pipelines regulated by FERC.” It isn’t really DEC, though, that is calling the shots.

Northern Access

Corruptocrat, who appears to be everything Chris Collins called him and worse, is inserting himself into what has traditionally been a process free of political meddling. FERC sets the rules, DEC gets input to issue a water quality certification as part of the FERC process and its over and done by the book. Not in New York, though. Cuomo has made what should be professional and scientific, thoroughly personal and political. First, it was the Constitution Pipeline, next it was the Millennium and now it’s the Northern Access. Clearly, Corruptocrat is determined to stop any and every pipeline into or through New York.

Or, is he? He knows as much as anyone how dependent New York is on natural gas, of which it uses ever more. Is Corruptocrat looking for the payoff, then? No, that would be too obvious now. This is about two things. First, it’s about teaching other industries to play ball or be treated like the oil and gas industry. Make your deals with Cuomo, pony up the money first and then, and only then, ask for your permits. This is Tammany Hall, after all. Understand that.

Secondly, it reflects a cynicism unimaginable to most. Corruptocrat is effectively begging FERC to take him out of the loop on the matter of pipelines, because they don’t pay anyway, and, therefore, it makes more sense to let FERC take the grief for the pipelines. It even offers a beautiful advantage for the Prince; he gets the gas while being able to demagogue against FERC and the oil and Gas industry. What’s not to like? If you can’t make them pay, you can still bully them for political gain.

We’ll see next week whether what I’m hearing is true, but there’s no reason to doubt what I’m told. It makes perfect sense, in fact, in the demented world of a spoiled and corrupt prince who truly is a bully and a thug, not to mention so many other things. Thank you, Rep. Collins, for the guts to to call him out.

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