Radical Nuns Lose in Court, Continue to Use Natural Gas

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Radical nuns enticed into opposing the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline as a publicity gimmick lose in court but get to continue to hypocritically use natural gas.

The radical nuns known as the Adorers of the Blood of Christ were apparently drawn into the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline controversy by Lancaster Against Pipelines group that just happens to be led by a religious studies professor who studies such things. They were willingly drawn into a phony chapel fiasco intended to create celebrity type publicity for the pipeline opponents, apparently thinking no one would notice they’re natural gas users who even promote the energy source on their website but would deny it to others. Many did notice and, reportedly, it even came up in court when they challenged Atlantic Sunrise’s right to place the pipeline under their cornfield. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons they lost.

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Note vent bringing gas heat into nuns’ lifecare community

Federal District Circuit Judge Jeffrey Schmehl issued a decision earlier in the week after hearing the case of the radical nuns (and others) against the Atlantic Sunrise. Addressing their argument and those of others as well, it was a model of common sense reasoning. It also adhered to the law and exposed the political sham behind the phony chapel (emphasis added):

Defendant Adorers argue they will suffer harm that implicates their fundamental rights to free exercise of religion and ownership of property if Transco is granted immediate possession. Adorers claim that they “exercise their religious beliefs by, among other things, caring for and protecting the land they own,” and that their efforts to “preserve the sacredness of God’s Earth” are integral to the practice of their faith. However, the Adorers have failed to establish how Transco’s possession of the right of way on their land will in any way affect their ability to practice their faith and spread their message. They have not presented one piece of evidence that demonstrates how their religious beliefs will be abridged in any way. Clearly, the harm alleged by Transco outweighs this harm alleged by the Adorers.

Readers will, I expect, agree that’s pretty clear. There was nothing to this whole stunt. It was as fake as that cemetery other fractivists set up. It was all political pretense under the veil of religion, except these nuns mostly don’t wear habits or use veils. They’re all about making statements of a different sort and they wore thin. I’m guessing the fact they were documented users of natural gas and even promoted it on their lifecare community website didn’t help. Hypocrisy doesn’t wear well with religion either. But, like so many trust-funder fractivists, they still have the natural gas they say others shouldn’t have. They gave up nothing to signal their virtues as if pride wasn’t the first sin.

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