The Fading Career of Josh Fox Speaks Volumes

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A sure sign his 15 minutes of fame is exhausted is the declining revenue of Josh Fox, whose Sweet Jane Productions has dropped into insignificance.

Every once in a while, I still check on Josh Fox to see what he’s up to these days. The fact I have to check is a sure sign his star has faded, of course. Otherwise, I’d know without checking. He’s now a parody of his former life, of course, desperately trying to grab the spotlight with comments about defeating ISIS with love; comments he knows will capture attention, only to be pranked by the irrepressible Phelim McAleer who started a fund-raising campaign to “Send Josh Fox to Hug ISIS.”

Fox’s comments were obviously designed to get someone, anyone out there, to grab a little free publicity for his ridiculous “How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change” tour or film or whatever it is he’s trying. Meanwhile, the revenue of Sweet Jane Productions, Inc., the non-profit he uses to scrounge money from taxpayers, special interest foundations and the like is plummeting.

What I’m talking about is this page from the latest filed 990 return for Sweet Jane Productions:

Josh Fox

Yes, Josh Fox’s revenues for the last year available ending June 30, 2015, declined from $1,240,605 the year earlier to $291,130, a decline of over 76% while his expenses increased, meaning he lost $352,402 as his assets dropped to almost half of what they were. Now he’s desperately trying to rebuild with a fund-raising campaign using the lefty Action Network and by pursuing grants wherever he can find them and attaching himself to climate as a cause with himself as the warrior in a “climate revolution,” which is his schtick for self-promotion:

Josh Fox

He even chased down a $5,000 matching donation from the Arkansas Community Foundation, of all people, for his “Let Go and Love Project.” What in the world were they thinking?

What all this tells us, of course, is that except for people like me checking up on him and Phelim McAleer punking him, Josh Fox has sunk into irrelevance. The fracking war is over and he lost. That’s why he’s trying now to morph into a climate warrior. Good luck with that Josh.

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